AGCO Ideal Combine Nature Green

The Perfect Green for the Perfect Combine Harvester

Here you have the AGCO Ideal combine harvester Nature Green mod for Farming Simulator 19. This FS19 mod is mostly a reskin of the vanilla AGCO combine. But the paint job is so nicely done we’ll allow it.

To be honest, it’s a bit more than just a reskin. The modder has also added some extra warning signs. And the included PowerFlow header has gotten a new paint job too.

Besides new colors and some warning signs, much remains the same:

  • Mod: AGCO Ideal Nature Green
  • Base price: 465,000.
  • Top road speed: 40 kph / 25 mph.
  • Power: 538 to 647 HP.
  • Hopper volume: 17,100 liters.
  • Modders: Bau Justin 99, TschiZack Gaming.

You can change the logos if you want. You can switch between the Fendt, the Massey Ferguson, and the Challenger logos.

We like the green color so much that we have no problem recommending that you download this mod. Just make sure that you unpack the files first (by using a program like 7zip.)

Go to Download – 47.8MB

We always use the modder’s original download link (when possible) out of respect for the hard and impressive work modders do.


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