John Deere 2410 5 Section Cultivator

You’ll Cultivate Your FS19 Fields in a Jiffy

Now, you can get the John Deere 2410, 5-section cultivator for Farming Simulator 19. This FS 19 mod has an impressive working width of 20 meters. It will help you cultivating large fields in a short amount of time.

The model has been around in the Farm Sim community for ages. But Taylor Farms have made it available for FS19, giving it the necessary brush-up to meet the new standards. It looks terrific. And it works as expected.

Here are the essential facts:

  • Mod: John Deere 2410 5 Section Cultivator.
  • Modder FS19: Taylor Farms.
  • Base price: 75,000.
  • Work width: 20 meters.
  • Working speed: 18 kph / 11 mph.
  • Required power: 400 HP.
  • Configurations? None.

This used to be one of our favorite cultivators back on FS 2013, FS 15 and FS 17. That’s why we are thrilled it’s available in FS19 too.

How to Download: Visit Taylor Farms on Facebook (click the button below.)Once you’re there, locate the “Shop Now” button in the upper right corner.

Press the “Shop Now” button.

That button takes you to Taylor Farm’s Mega-account, where you can download many goodies. The JD cultivator is just one of many fabulous creations.

Go to Download (21.8MB)

We always use the modder’s original download link (when possible) out of respect for the hard and impressive work modders do.


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