John Deere DB120 Planter (36 Meters)

One of the Largest Planters Ever is Now Available for FS19

It’s time you get to know the John Deere DB120 planter for Farming Simulator 19. This planter mod has a massive working width of 36 meters. Just one of these beauties will cover most fields in no time. It’s an impressive piece of technology.

We recommend that you use it on large 4X maps. It’s almost too big for the standard Farm Sim map size.

Here are the most important facts about it:

  • Mod: John Deere DB120 Planter.
  • Base price: 472,029.
  • Plants the following: Corn, sunflower, soybeans, sugar beets, and cotton.
  • Total capacity: 8294 liters.
  • Required horsepower: 325 HP.
  • Working width: 36 meters.
  • Working speed: 9 mph / 15 kph.
  • Modder: Taylor Farms.

We’ve tested the planter with Courseplay. It works without any noticeable problems. We think you should use Courseplay for it too. Or maybe Wopster’s GPS mod. Because maneuvering this beast manually is quite demanding…

How to Download: Visit Taylor Farms on Facebook (click the button below.)Once you’re there, locate the “Shop Now” button in the upper right corner.

Press the “Shop Now” button.

That button takes you to Taylor Farm’s Mega-account, where you can download many goodies. The DB120 is just one of many fabulous creations.

Go to Download

We always use the modder’s original download link (when possible) out of respect for the hard and impressive work modders do.


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