Birkenfeld By the Baltic Sea Mod Map

A Nice Map with Small to Medium Sized Fields and Lots of Atmosphere

This is the Birkenfeld by the Baltic Sea mod map for Farming Simulator 19. It’s based on the northern parts of Germany. It’s one of the smallest maps we’ve tried out. It uses just over one-third of the size of a standard Giants map.

(This might change in the future. The mapmakers have already extended the map once.)

It’s a very well-made map. The mappers have obviously put a lot of effort into making the map as realistic as possible. We think they have succeeded. The Birkenfeld map has a lot of great atmosphere.

The fields are small and medium-sized, suitable for the smaller machinery. AI workers should be able to do a proper job on several of the fields. And you have two areas at your disposal for building your farm.

This is what the PDA map looks like for version 2.

Here are a couple of facts:

  • Mod map name: Birkenfeld By the Baltic Sea.
  • 19 fields and some meadows.
  • 9 selling Points, including a sales point for bales and grass.
  • Modders: Polog4 & LS Paule

The Birkenfeld map has reached version 2. This has changed or been added:

  • The map has new road textures and multiangle terrain.
  • Six new fields have been added, in addition to two new meadows, BGA and two new sales points.
  • Manure can now be bought from the livestock dealer. And lime can be purchased at the BayWa.

We enjoyed the narrow streets and tight corners. Looking for a driving challenge? Then this Farming Simulator 19 map might be what you are looking for.

Version 3 is Here

The Birkenfeld Map has reached version 3. This has changed since the last release:

  • The map has gotten 6 new fields and 5 fresh meadows.
  • A dairy farm has been added (an old, East German style dairy farm where the buildings and silos have been demolished. Now, you can buy it, and extend it.)
  • Forestry has also been added, plus selling points for wood.
  • The AI traffic drives faster, in addition to other fixes and improvements.

This is what the PDA map looks like for version 3 of the Birkenfeld map:

Version 3 PDA map.
Go to Download – 616MB

We always use the modder’s original download link (when possible) out of respect for the hard and impressive work modders do.


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